Pastry chef inspired cake mixes that are incredibly easy to make.
Sold in cases of 6 units.

Classic Yellow Cake Mix

Small batch yellow butter cake. Classic & retro with modern sass!

Birthday Cake Mix

Classic white cake with rainbow sprinkles throughout.

Cardamom Cake Mix

A unique olive oil based cake mix with balanced flavors of cardamom, olive oil and almond.

Seattle Spice Cake Mix

Bits of crystalized ginger & star anise are laced through this decadently spiced butter cake.

Alabaster White Cake Mix

A Naturally white cake graced with a tiny kiss of vanilla.

French Almond Cake Mix

Almond butter cake with bold almond flavor and elegant simplicity.

Coconut Cake Mix

Deceptively rich yet delicate and full of natural coconut flavor.

Belgian Chocolate Cake Mix

Finally! A chocolate cake for chocolate connoisseurs.

Toasted Butterscotch Cake Mix

A perfect pair, butterscotch and browned butter are the foundation for this delicate cake.

Raspberry Red Velvet Cake Mix

Rich chocolate cake with subtle raspberry notes and the classic red Velvet 'tang'.


Frosting made easy for novice bakers.
All of our frosting mixes make excellent buttercreams, glazes and cream cheese frostings.
Sold in cases of 10 units.

Original Vanilla Frosting Mix

Our original frosting. Makes excellent buttercream, glaze and cream cheese frosting.

Chocolate Frosting Mix

Just a simply decadent chocolate frosting mix made with Bel

Raspberry Frosting Mix

A vibrantly pink raspberry frosting mix full of raspberry flavor.

Mocha Latte Frosting Mix

Made with dark Belgian chocolate and fresh espresso beans for a subtle crunch!

Matcha Frosting Mix

Matcha, the on-trend green tea, is star of this frosting.

Seattle Spice Frosting Mix

Our 6 spice blend bringing modern flare to the classic spice frosting.


Small batch artisan cookie & bar mixes. Excellent for drop cookies, bar cookies, brownies & blondies.
Sold in cases of 6 units.

Classic Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix

The classic home-style chocolate chip cookie loaded with Belgian chocolate chips.

Ginger Molasses Cookie Mix

A chewy ginger cookie with candied ginger, hint of molasses and a perfect balance of spice.

French Style Butter Shortbread Mix

A delicate butter cookie with a hint of sea salt.

Salted S’more Cookie Mix (available June - August)

A graham cracker butter cookie with milk chocolate chunks and marshmallows.

Chocolate Truffle Cookie Mix

Two words for this cookie - Chocolate Bomb! Makes cocoa crinkle cookies & fudge brownies.

Old Fashioned Sugar Cookie Mix

Just like grandma’s house … fresh lemon zest perfumes this delicate butter cookie. Simple yet addictive.

Lavender Shortbread Mix

Lavender scented french style butter shortbread.

Madeleine Cookie Mix

A true Parisian classic! Tender yet rich ‘baby cakes’ with huge butter notes.


Delicate cream biscuits perfect for topping over baked fruit.
Sold in cases of 9 units.

Vanilla Sea Salt Cobbler Biscuit Mix
French Almond Cobbler Mix
Lavender Cobbler Mix






Delicate scones for the novice baker … just add your favorite butter, fresh eggs and water.
Sold in cases of 9 units

Basic Vanilla Scone Mix

Delicate with vanilla notes. Excellent when used for Strawberry Shortcake.

Classic Blueberry Scone Mix

Our original vanilla scone is perfectly balanced with blueberries in this classic mix.

Tea Time Lavender Scone Mix

A tea time favorite! A delicate white vanilla scone scented with fresh lavender flowers.

French Almond Scone Mix

An elegant butter scone with notes of rich almond.

Apricot Ginger Scone Mix

A delicately spiced ginger scone with pieces of sweet apricot and crystallized ginger.

Cranberry Orange Scone Mix

A delicately spiced cranberry scone with fresh orange and clove.


Tender and fluffy pancakes or waffles to create the perfect morning!
Sold in cases of 6 units.

Original Farmhouse Pancake & Waffle Mix

Tender and fluffy with subtle notes of vanilla and nutmeg. This is an excellent mix for pancakes, waffles, muffins and coffee cakes.

French Style Crepe Mix

Delicately sweet French style crepe mix. Perfect for filling and rolling with fruit, chocolate or just a squeeze of lemon!

Buckwheat Pancake & Waffle Mix

Naturally nutty with undertones of vanilla.

Honey Wholewheat Pancake & Waffle Mix

Tender and fluffy with subtle notes of vanilla and nutmeg. This is an excellent mix for pancakes, waffles, muffins and coffee cakes.

Sweet Dutch Baby Mix

An oven baked puff pancake. Delicately sweet and perfect topped with fresh berries and whipped cream.

Buttermilk Pancake & Waffle Mix

Classic buttermilk tang with subtle notes of vanilla and nutmeg.


Small batch coffee cake mixes with crumble, streusel or glaze included.
Sold in cases of 6 units.

Vanilla Crumble Coffee Cake Mix

Buttery vanilla coffee cake topped with a classic spice crumb.

Cocoa Streusel Coffee Cake Mix

Belgian cocoa streusel swirled into this buttery vanilla coffee cake.

Honey Pecan Coffee Cake Mix

Wholewheat coffee cake delicately sweetened with honey and topped with a spiced pecan crumble.

Sour Cream Coffee Cake Mix

he classic sour cream coffee cake scented with fresh lemon. Includes vanilla glaze.

Buttermilk Blueberry Coffee Cake Mix

Tender buttermilk coffee cake with fresh lemon zest, blueberries and vanilla icing.


Pastry chef inspired beverage mixes that are incredibly easy to make.
Sold in cases of 9 units.

Belgian Dark Hot Chocolate Mix

Dark chocolate with slight notes of sea salt - Used in our cafes for our mochas & hot chocolates.

Belgian Milk Hot Chocolate Mix

Belgian milk chocolate based hot chocolate … perfect for kids!

Aztec Hot Chocolate Mix

Dark chocolate hot chocolate with a slight touch of spice.

House Chai Tea Latte Mix

Not too sweet. Black tea based cha mixi with a blend of 8 spices.

Turmeric Latte Beverage Mix

Turmeric, ginger and ashwagandha create this soothing, caffeine free drink.